A ‘special’ message not welcome here

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A man called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office and said one of his employees found a strange box sitting on top of a mailbox that had a special, and profane, message written on it.

A woman called to report that her ex-boyfriend was messaging her on social media sites although she had a restraining order against him.

Someone called to report a drug deal that occurred in her driveway.

A caller reported seeing a child that wasn’t in a safety seat and was on the dash board of a black GMC Yukon.

A person who was away from home for medical treatment reported that his caregiver had stolen his tools.

A man reported someone left some trash bags outside a gate. He said he found two names inside the bags and wanted law enforcement to write tickets. The man insisted the act was perpetuated by his neighbors.

A person wanted advice on how to protect her property against trespassers after people rode horses across her land. She was told she would probably have to talk to an attorney regarding lawsuit issues.

An employee of a car detailing business called the Kalispell Police Department to report the owner of the business had his vehicle stolen. It was a Jeep C-7 with Montana plates.

A caller reported a woman in a casino was “shooting up.” When an officer investigated, he discovered the complaint was not legitimate.

Someone reported a man knocked another man out with a punch and loaded him into a gold Chevy Impala. The man who allegedly threw the punch said he was going to take the victim to the hospital. When an officer called the hospital, the men hadn’t arrived. When an officer talked to the person who reported the assault, he learned that no one actually witnessed the assault and was unsure if an assault had occurred.

A construction company employee reported someone stole 40 sheets of siding, worth about $1,000. There were no suspects or video of the crime.

A woman reported finding a threatening letter in her mailbox. She said it was from a juvenile female that lived across the street. There was a drawing on the back of the envelope that showed the caller’s daughter being beat up. An officer spoke with both parties and the parents said they would handle the situation.

A person said her 52-year-old aunt was drinking heavily and was out walking in the street. The niece didn’t know what to do, but her aunt soon returned home and went to sleep.

A woman called to report that a dog had chased her kids when they tried to go to the bus stop and now she wouldn’t let her kids go to school. She said this had happened before.

A woman called to report seeing an online advertisement seeking women 18 years and older for a strip club that may be coming to Kalispell and she was concerned that it may have something to do with sex trafficking. When an officer spoke to the woman he told her that the ad said the club was coming to the valley. There was nothing criminal occurring yet.

A caller reported a man who was selling flowers and flags along the highway became angry and was cursing at people if they didn’t want to buy anything.

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