Why did rooster engage in fowl play?

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A woman called the Kalispell Police Department about a rooster that was running down the middle of the street and causing a traffic hazard. She said a number of people had tried to catch it before it found refuge under her car. About 10 minutes later, the foul fowl had been apprehended by another person driving an orange Hyundai Santa Fe.

Another caller said when she always drives by a residence, the dog is outside. It was described as being really short-haired, very skinny, shivering and unsheltered.

Officers responded to an area school for a report of a girl who had drugs in her possession. She was cited for possession and released to the custody of her mother.

A dog owner said someone took his canine and later posted it online in an attempt to sell it.

Someone said a man was in a sleeping bag in his car, but wasn’t responding. An officer got the man to wake up and he was fine.

A woman said a paper delivery boy rang the doorbell when he delivered the day’s edition. She wanted him to not ring the bell when he made his delivery.

A 911 caller accidentally dialed as he pulled into work.

Someone called after his son was pulled over because the license plate was obstructed by snow. The caller wanted to know if that was a valid reason to pull someone over.

A woman’s ex-boyfriend withheld her cats from her after an argument. When an officer tried to speak to him, he didn’t answer his phone.

A mother and her ex-husband argued about how their son was disciplined after a father’s friend dragged the son out of the bath tub to put him in timeout. The mother said that violated the parenting plan. An officer gave her advice on ways to possibly handle the situation.

A man said another man pulled a knife on him and told him that “he’d never been stuck before.”

Someone said that “high schoolers” were driving too fast and purposely sliding around on the roads after school let out. The caller wanted officers to hide out in the alleys to catch them.

A caller said there was a vehicle that slid off the road, knocked over a stop sign and into a power box. An officer found an empty vodka bottle at the scene. The phone company said it would send a technician out by Valentine’s Day. When an officer contacted the owner of the car, he said he didn’t know the name of the woman he loaned the vehicle to.

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