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What have we become?

This is “as I see it” in response to those who say Tom Clark is a Democrat. I say his record shows he is a moderate. A lot of Democrats are moderate. It’s not black and white!!

Consensus is the key, discuss, investigate the legal ramifications ... as a former county commissioner, these things have been lacking for some time now. Howard Gipe was a Republican. I am a Democrat and we got along and could discuss and work together for the greater good. It’s too bad we have lost that ability in these times.

Will we ever get that back? Not with one-sided representation.

—Sharon L. Stratton, Columbia Falls

Williams’ voting record

Kathleen Williams’ voting record in the Montana Legislature will give you a good idea of how she will vote if she replaces Greg Gianforte in the U.S. House race.

She voted against the “Gun Owners Access to Justice Act” which was to strengthen the Montana Constitution’s right-to-bear arms clause. She voted against a resolution encouraging firearms manufacturers to move to Montana. She voted to allow Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks to divert funds targeted for shooting range grants to other areas. She voted against a small tax exemption for ammunition manufacturers to encourage ammo companies to open shop in Montana.

Ms. Williams was one of only three representatives who voted against enhanced penalties for knowingly assaulting a pregnant woman. Of course she opposed providing anti-sex trafficking grants to Eastern Montana so our young sons and daughters can continue to be sold as sex slaves. With the above votes it is only reasonable that she voted against criminalizing driving under the influence of marijuana and she voted against requiring parental notification when children under the age of 16 get an abortion. (71 percent of the electorate voted in favor). She voted twice in the Legislature in favor of illegal aliens and sanctuary cities which makes her a Nancy Pelosi clone.

Ms. Williams supports Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-for-all which would be Medicare for none as it costs $32 trillion per year. Because of the above votes and other similar votes one can discern that Ms. Williams and Mr. Sanders both belong to the Communist wing of the Democrat Party.

If you prefer someone with Montana values to serve you in the House, then vote for Greg Gianforte who has voted just the opposite of Kathleen Williams on all of the above issues.

—Norm Johnson, Polson

Sick of partisan politics

I can no longer be silent. I am disturbed by the inability of Congress to cooperate and compromise for the protection of democracy and what the United States stands for. I’m sick to death of partisan politics and tribalism. It’s so hard to listen to viciousness and vindictiveness. I know many citizens have already voted, but if you’re undecided or if you feel like you’re not going to vote, please consider the following.

Politicians make all kinds of promises to get elected and they may or may not be able to execute them. We all have issues that are dear to our hearts and of course, we vote for the individuals that represent those concerns. However, this time around, I see this election more than just issues. It’s values. What is the person you’re voting for modeling? Are they ethical, moral, respectful in the face of adversity? Does the individual display integrity or call people names or body slam them? Are they compassionate? Are they self-serving? Will they listen to constituents or just vote party? Will they be committed to a legislative branch of government that executes its Constitutional responsibilities? Will they have the gumption to stand up for what is right or will they follow the Republican Party and Machiavelli’s mantra, “the end justifies the means” no matter what and above all else?

At the present time, the GOP controls all branches of government. The legislative branch has not executed its Constitutional responsibility to maintain the checks and balances of our democracy. What happens if we continue to follow this course? An aristocracy, not a democracy, even though that’s not what the majority of citizens support. So what are we to do? We are to VOTE and VOTE DEMOCRATIC. Gianforte and Rosendale are not going to help change the mess we see.

Come on people. Get to the polls; fill in the ovals. Vote hope and change. Vote loud and strong for your country. Now is the time. We all need a breath of fresh air!

—Jan Bertelsen-James, Eureka

Who or what is Jon Tester?

Regardless of who Matt Rosendale is or isn’t, the focus should be on exactly who or what Jon Tester is and has become after years of exposure to the swamp in Washington, D.C., into which he dove head first upon arrival.

After years of siding and voting with the likes of Reid, Schumer, Pelosi and other Democrat swamp rats, Tester has become that which he doth protested long ago, with whom he now clogs the swamp drain.

In addition to being heavily funded from interests with little interest in Montana, Tester volunteered to be the one to try out the search-and-destroy tactics just witnessed in the totally concocted hit job on now Justice Kavanaugh.

He brought forth erroneous and false claims against Admiral Ronny Jackson and successfully destroyed this fine man who was already vetted by the previous administration to be the White House physician. Those claims turned out to be false but not before Admiral Jackson withdrew in order to spare his family. Of course, this was done only because Trump wanted him to be head of the Veterans Administration and for no other reason other than Tester needing to prove what a lapdog he is for party leaders.

In 2006, the majority of Montanans wanted nothing to do with Jon Tester and without the Libertarian vote, he would have been defeated. It is possible that this error could be repeated again on Nov. 6. It has become a decision based upon preventing another term of office for someone of questionable values aligned with people in Washington D.C. who’s values are no longer in question. They are as unAmerican and dangerous as they appear to be and the despicable confirmation process of Justice Kavanaugh should be all you need to understand the serious flaws which also make up the character of Jon Tester.

So vote for Matt Rosendale and Greg Gianforte on Nov. 6 to make sure we don’t encourage and end up approving of the reprehensible and destructive behavior of Democrats, leftists and the likes of George Soros that are trying to destroy America in order to remake the country in their own twisted image.

—Phil Graf, Whitefish

Brodehl deserves our vote

There is a saying, “All government is local.” In America this was based upon our Constitution designed to assure that “The People” will rule through their vote to elect officials to work on their behalf. Unfortunately as time goes on those forms of government farthest from “The People” have become increasingly less responsive and more dictatorial while issuing extensive rules, regulations and restrictions for which they even often assume extreme forms of enforcement.

Starting in late 80s our timber industry went into decline; jobs and mills lost. Instead of providing for a healthy local economy they gradually became a financial burden as over-grown, bug-infested forests burned requiring costly fire-fighting, paid for by federal, state and local tax dollars. Also lost is our aluminum plant, one of the largest in the country. Through state and federal legislation water and water rights are being threatened, essential to ranching and farming industries. And now we are facing unnecessary pending legislation (I-186) under the guise of protecting water quality, that would lead to closing down mining.

Randy Brodehl is one who has the scope of knowledge and insight to address those problems which are outgrowths of policies established by upper levels of government. As county commissioner he sees the need to retain active contact with government decision-makers whose legislation has local, often adverse impact. Randy is highly approachable and would appreciate the opportunity to discuss and help solve the problems and concerns of all of us in Flathead County. He has the background of experience and desire to work on our behalf. He deserves our vote.

—Clarice Ryan, Bigfork

A lot can be heard in the human voice

I listened keenly to the debates on the radio. Although I would have liked to watch faces and body postures, a lot can can be heard in the human voice.

In the first US House debate Elinor Swanson brought a refreshing point of view. Too bad she was not at the second debate.

Kathleen Williams came well prepared with new ideas and a back ground of getting things done in the State Legislature. in spite of Greg Gianforte’s trying to stick her in the Nancy Pelosi bogeyman box she held to a civil discussion.

Greg Gianforte had his GOP talking points well memorized. Nothing new there. Just the same ol same ol that every other GOP politician in the USA is espousing.

The second debate for the US House was just a repeat of the first except without Swanson. Gianforte continued to kowtow to President Trump, mimic the GOP talking points and ignored direct questions. At least he did not resort to physical attacks when he did not want to answer hard questions.

I like that Williams has a proven record of working with a broad spectrum of people/groups to reach goals.

I like Swanson’s statement at the Western Native Voice Forum in Pablo “... what Libertarianism means. It’s based on mutual respect and the non-aggression principle … When you take that approach to politics, it helps break through some of our own taboos and cultural blindness towards our own injustices,”

I do not like politicians who march in lock step with their masters and cannot think for themselves. I do, however, appreciate that he accepted responsibility for his assault of Ben Jacobs last year.

—Laura Nugent, Columbia Falls

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