Letters to the editor Dec. 16

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Health-care monoply

Many, many thanks to Dr. Boharski for his honest facts regarding the dishonest Kalispell Regional Medical Center. It’s long overdue and greatly appreciated.

When KRMC was buying up all the doctors offices, North Valley Hospital, I kept thinking, “this is a monoply. Someone will surely stop this because it is illegal.” Why didn’t someone stop all of this sooner before it got out of hand? Thank you, Dr. Boharski.

KRMC has a lot against it — the $24 million fine, the nurses. So very wrong and corrupt! Too bad North Valley Hospital “caved,” they would be busy!

Now the million dollar question. How do we show our support? How can the public help? We want to be empowered!

— Rita Boese, Bigfork

No longer a bomb

It was reported that a recent candidate running for governor lost, and in his concession speech unloaded the “...F-bomb.” on his audience. What was stranger was the fact that the young candidate did not do it in hate or anger, it was a congenial expression of his admiration for his followers. Yes, he was a liberal but I would not be surprised if it happens with young Republicans, as well.

Listen to the lyrics of the latest rock songs on radio and don’t get angry if you too get “F-bombed” in your shower. The point is the American vernacular and traditional journalism are no longer constrained by rules. Don’t look for the “who? what? where? and when?” in newspapers anymore. Only psycho-analysis, opinions, and global predictions of destruction pass for factual reporting.

But what is more important is that the “F-bomb” is no longer a bomb. It is no longer a fire-cracker. It no longer anything! It’s overuse overstayed its welcome and killed its impact. Expletives are not that easy to invent, and when one’s language has done a nose-dive into banality it reflects upon the culture that needs it.

Has the American culture become effeminate? Yes, it has. It has become weak. Some would argue vehemently that “effeminate” does not have a negative connotation any more, even though it always does. So, we gather loudmouths, illiterates, and vulgar politicians. We give them a microphone along with a dictionary; then send them to Washington, D.C. to occasionally write new laws for baking cakes...or as the French Queen, Marie Antoinette said before being executed, “The peasants don’t have any bread? Well, let them eat cake.” (LOL?)

—Mike Donohue, Kalispell

Fighting for wildlife

A woman who believes she has the right of freedom of speech, but I do not, wrote a letter to the editor (Nov. 15) professing to have liked my usual articles, but dislikes my criticism of Sen. Jon Tester. I have decided to respond and defend my right of free speech.

Sen. Jon Tester demonstrates a dislike of wildlife, which I renounce and counter-attack with my reverence for them. They belong and contribute to the planet’s natural ecosystem, while the human species does not. Humans are a cancer upon the earth and will readily, and rapidly, destroy it — and most probably cause their own extinction — very soon. Jon Tester is a non-believer, so we clash.

I know Republicans are capitalists only interested in making money, but my expectations have been that Democrats are compassionate humans and would be the savior of wildlife. Not so, though. They voted back into office a DINO closet Republican named Jon Tester, as the lesser of two evils, who views wildlife only as a natural resource for hunters and trappers to kill and so who vote for him. His claim to support access to public land is only for people to have access, not animals that need those lands for their livable habitat.

Being an independent, progressive, environmentalist, who has adopted wildlife as his family, makes me equally disliked by both those parties in Montana ... including my nemesis the letter writer.

Actually I do not wake up every morning and ask myself what I can do to politically harm Jon Tester, but rather ask myself what I can do to save wildlife. It just turns out that Tester stands in my way and bars me from my life’s mission: Namely, to save the wildlife he disdains.

— Bill Baum, Badrock Canyon

Border invasion

President Trump has been criticized for authorizing the use of tear gas at the Mexican border. What would you do if a bunch of men, shielded by crying barefoot children started throwing carefully-selected sharp rocks at you? Before you continue criticizing, remember that Obama’s border patrol used tear gas on migrants about once a month. The media thanked and congratulated him.

Using children as shields is the same technique the Palestinians use against the Israelis at the border with Gaza. How many of those “migrants” speak Arabic?

Most of those migrants are men. Would parents allow their children to be used as shields? Some of those men probably grabbed the children from their parents, took off their shoes and pushed them up front.

Look carefully at the pictures taken of the migrants while traveling. Their backpacks, clothes, and shoes all look new — no rags. The children certainly didn’t travel barefoot. The entire process is obviously well-planned and financed!

The migrants have been shown waving Honduran and Mexican flags. If they really want to come the U.S. why don’t they wave American flags? If they break through and cross our border it’s legally an invasion.

—Dale Ferguson, Polson

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