Letters to the editor April 1

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America on a slippery slope

I am appalled and deeply disappointed to learn of the vote against this attempt to provide life-giving care to survivors of abortion. If one were to consider the reality of a newborn left to die — regardless how “comfortable” s/he is — how would it be possible to sleep at night? Democrats claim to be the voice of the voiceless, the helpless, the vulnerable; such a vote makes that claim tragically laughable.

I am only too aware of Democrats’ determination to allow women to make their own health care choices, but let’s not confuse the one with the other. This proposed law did not prevent women from aborting their children; to justify one’s vote from that perspective is just an attempt at smoke and mirrors.

America has been on a slippery slope for decades now and is only gaining speed. May God have mercy on us.

—Loretta Park, Havre

Don’t give up hope on the glaciers

I was deeply moved by the conversation between attendees and scientists at the conclusion of the Fading Glaciers Presentation in mid-March in Whitefish. The presentation was part of the Montana Lakes Conference. Local scientists in our area are studying the effects of climate change in our Flathead Valley and in Glacier National Park. Their research encompasses our lakes, glaciers in the park and surrounding ecosystems. To hear these scientists speak about climate change and the need to act to prevent further destruction was heart-wrenching.

Though climate change is threatening the livelihoods of our local lake-and-snow-based economies, it is not a local problem. We need to act globally to turn this around. The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, H.R. 763, is a solution. It will help America transition to a low-carbon economy and at the same time encourage other nations to do the same.

On March 22 I received a letter from Rep. Greg Gianforte which has given me great hope that our Congress is listening. In his letter he said “Climate change is real and industrial activity contributes to it.” Also, “Rather than heavy-handed regulation, I support market-based solutions that grow American Jobs. America leads the world in energy production. We must also lead in energy innovation.” This is the hallmark of the Energy Innovation Act.

Please read more about the Energy Innovation Act then write to Rep. Gianforte, Sen. Tester and Sen. Daines and ask for their support on this bill. Mr. Gianforte also wrote “As Congress works to address climate change, I will keep your thoughts in mind.” So please do write.

Let’s not give up hope on the glaciers in Glacier National Park.

—Robin Paone, Whitefish

Round Up program working

Whitefish Theatre Co., is extremely grateful for a grant from the Round Up For Safety Program for a new fire alarm panel for the O’Shaughnessy Cultural Arts Center building. Whitefish Theatre Co., is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the O’Shaughnessy Center which is used by over 40 community groups. During a performance a component of the fire alarm system failed. We found that it could not be repaired as the unit was 20-plus years old. This necessitated replacing all of the components to insure the safety of all who use and enjoy the O’Shaughnessy Center. Thank you to all Flathead Electric customers who round up their bill. This program is an incredible benefit to the nonprofits in this community helping them with life safety issues. Please round up your bill if you do not already do so.

—Gayle MacLaren is executive director of Whitefish Theatre Co.

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