Jilted lover takes back vehicle after alleged affair

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Saturday, Dec. 28

— A husky-type dog was reported at large on Parkwood Lane. The owner later located the dog and left the area.

— A caller reported issues of trespassing and dumping on a six-parcel property on Riverside Lane.

Sunday, Dec. 29

— A caller on Sunrise Terrace reported a male and female yelling for over an hour. History at the location showed multiple previous complaints. Neither party appeared to be intoxicated but admitted to calling each other “foul names.” The man agreed to sleep on the couch for the night.

— An “empty-looking home” with a kicked-in door was reported on Lake Nine Court. Dispatch from out of state attempted to make contact with the owner.

— An employee of a Montana 35 business reported a customer entered their premises and appeared to be intoxicated. The individual left in a blue pickup, headed toward Ferndale. MHP was advised.

— A black Lab/golden retriever mix was reported missing from a Hwy 83 address. The dog was described as having a white patch on his chest and a blue collar.

— An SUV-type vehicle was reported swerving all over the road on Echo Lake Road.

Monday, Dec. 30

— A caller on Beach Road reported a white vehicle parked near their house that made them feel “uneasy.”

— An individual reported a suspicious vehicle near a local cafe. Upon further inspection the vehicle appeared to have been in the location for some time.

— An individual on Beach Road called again regarding a vehicle parked near their residence. He explained that it was the white stripes on the vehicle that “set him off.”

— The coroner was contacted regarding a male on Vista Lane.

— A male on Jewel Basin Court said something about “grandma drinking” and how they were going to become violent. Another individual called back to say a male was punching holes in the wall.

— A caller on Osborn Avenue said they caught “their woman with another man” and took back the vehicle she had been driving. He alleged she was driving without a license. When asked to provide her name, he couldn’t recall the spelling.

Tuesday, Dec. 31

— A caller heard noises in the apartment above them and went to check it out and found the door to the unit was open. The reporting party said the resident was going through a divorce. They spoke with a male who knocked on the door and then left. The woman later reported she was at work. Deputies left her a message about the alleged robbery at her apartment. She later called back with questions about the incident and then went to the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office to file charges against the suspect, her ex-husband.

Wednesday, Jan. 1

— A canine showed up at a Swan Hill Drive residence with a cut on its head. The dog was transported to the county animal shelter.

— A stolen equipment trailer was reported at a Swan River Drive address. The reporting party said they may have footage of the theft.

— A blue vehicle was allegedly swerving into traffic and not using their turn signal on Hwy. 83.

— A firework accident was called in on Swan River Road. The caller said no medical response was necessary since her husband was a physician. They apologized for calling.

— An ambulance transported a female.

Thursday, Jan. 2

— A caller on Bigfork Stage reported the road was “a sheet of ice” and requested it be sanded since they didn’t think emergency services vehicles could make it across in the event of an emergency.

— A fender bender was reported on Gage Terrace. Montana Highway Patrol was advised.

— An individual on O’Brien Terrace said their son had pictures on his phone he felt should be reported.

— A caller reported having a nosebleed for more than an hour.

Friday, Jan. 3

— A male who had been reported missing in Utah was allegedly spotted near a local grocery store. Deputies were unable to locate the man in question.

— An individual said their ex was violating a temporary restraining order by emailing them.

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