Thursday, November 30, 2023

Bigfork author releases second children's book

| September 29, 2022 11:30 AM

Bigfork author John Pogachar has released his second children's book titled "Mom and Dad, 10 Things I Want You To Know About Nature!"

Pogachar said he realized how easy small ideas can turn big after the success of his first project, “Love on Every Billboard.” When his grandson was born, he decided to channel that same positivity and love into his first children’s book, “Mom and Dad, 10 Things I Want You To Know by the Time I’m One Week Old!” which was released earlier this year.

Pogachar describes his new book a child's innate desire to explore nature.

"Mountains, streams, the animals, trees, sun, moon and stars all there for us all to explore, to play in, to sit in. Seeing Nature through a child’s eyes, the wonder that we all can have again. Nature is a gift to all of us and can we play in it and preserve it too," Pogachar said.

Both books can be found online at Amazon, or at Mountain Vibes Gallery or Harvest Foods in Bigfork.