Argument in vehicle heats up, until one man jumps out

| March 4, 2020 2:00 AM

— Birds reportedly set off a motion alarm at a Harbor Drive residence.

Saturday, Feb. 22

— A caller on Marken Lane reported their daughter was an hour late to a Kalispell skate-park. Her phone was plotted to a U.S. 93 location. The daughter called her mom back and reported she had lost track of time and was headed back home.

— An individual alleged he was assaulted by an employee at a Montana 35 business. He stated one of the “yard boys” reportedly didn’t like something he was saying and shoved him. The caller later stated he was part of the problem and apologized to the store manager for his actions. The manager reported he would deal with his employee.

— The driver of a gold Lexus on Montana 83 was reportedly driving in the middle of the road and into the other lane. The reporting party suspected the woman was on the phone.

— A caller on Beach Road requested a response from law enforcement. A deputy attempted to make contact with the individual several times via phone.

— Someone reported a male allegedly poured diesel gas into their tank. Extra patrols were requested.

Sunday, Feb. 23

— A deputy reported they were out with a vehicle on Swan Way that was allegedly linked to a disturbance behind a local liquor store. Emergency medical services were requested for a male with back pain and bleeding. The incident allegedly started at a Kalispell bar, and after the individuals were asked to leave, they got into a verbal argument while driving and one male “decided jumping out was better than arguing,” logs show. The male in question was checked by EMTs and advised to go to the hospital.

— A caller reported their roommate was in rehab and she was unable to care for her roommate’s dog. They requested animal control come and retrieve the dog. A deputy said the dog was her roommate’s property and animal control could not come and remove it. The caller was advised to speak with her roommate.

— Someone reported a male stole $140 from him. The thief agreed to return the money within an hour. He was advised that he could be charged with theft if he failed to do so.

Monday, Feb. 24

— A caller on Sunrise Terrace reported loud music and lots of people at a nearby residence. The reporting party stated this was an on-going issue. The caller was advised to contact their landlord and the individuals at the home in question were advised to keep it down.

— A deer was dispatched on Bridge Street.

— An individual who was reportedly dealing with a case of identify theft called to file a report about their bank and credit cards.

— Non-aggressive dogs were reported on a Swan River property. The caller said the canines followed her home while she was on a walk and they would not leave. They called the number on the tag and the woman who answered reportedly said, “He’ll find his way home.” The owners were educated on the county’s dog ordinances and the dog was returned to the owners.

Tuesday, Feb. 25

— A silver Cadillac SUV was reportedly left on Vista Lane for over a month. The owner reportedly passed away and the family did not want the vehicle.

— An individual reported an employee had a panic attack the day prior and said she would be in today but had not shown up. The employee reportedly texted the caller, “I will not be coming in. I quit.”

— A caller on Alpine Driver reported they went for a run and while they were out, someone entered their home through a dog door and stole cash. The caller observed tracks leading to the dog door.

— An individual in a drive-thru on Montana 35 was allegedly trying to cash a stolen check. Law enforcement also ran a report on the subject’s gun and found that it had been stolen.

— A vehicle reportedly circled the reporting party’s house on Electric Avenue, came to their door and asked for trash bags for a house they were allegedly cleaning. The caller suspected the driver was “casing” residences. The male in question was described as in his 60s, walking with a can and had tattoos on his fingers.

— An individual on Holt Drive was reportedly supposed to meet up with a woman to retrieve his belongings, but she allegedly said she was in Seattle and couldn’t meet with him. A deputy contacted the female who stated the man’s belongings were in a hotel for him.

— A vehicle was reportedly in a Montana 83 parking lot for four hours with one individual inside near a playground. The caller was concerned about the cold weather and that the subject may be doing “suspicious activity.” Both vehicles in the lot were found to be unoccupied.

Wednesday, Feb. 26

— An individual saw a post on Facebook about a recent robbery and reported an all black sedan with tinted windows on Alpine Drive.

— Someone on Montana 35 reported a couple of counterfeit $100 bills that they said were turned into their bank from a male who found them along the road in Kila. The bills were described as “play money with Donald Trump’s face on them.” The caller was advised that play money was not illegal.

— An individual on Beach Road was in the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office requesting to speak with a deputy.

— A caller reported their husband had to register as a sex offender from a charge that reportedly occurred 20 years ago. She stated they had children that attended school locally and had questions about his attendance at programs at the school.

— A caller on Sunrise Terrace said their car had been broken into. They stated it appeared someone had a party at their residence and stole their vehicle. He was told his vehicle was in a ditch.

Thursday, Feb. 27

— An individual on Beach Road called to request extra patrols about 4 a.m. the following morning. He said a female waved at him that morning around 10:30 a.m.

— A caller on Beach Road said they wanted to give something to a deputy and to talk about issues in his community.