Neighborhood break-in prompts concern among locals

| March 11, 2020 1:00 AM

— A caller on Sunrise Terrace called regarding an alleged break-in in his neighborhood. He was going to be gone for the weekend and requested extra patrols. Extra patrols were provided.

— An individual on Beach Road requested a call from a deputy. The caller was advised to contact a doctor.

Saturday, Feb. 29

— A caller on Jewel Basin Court reported they were unable to get a hold of their wife for the last 12 hours. She was reportedly supposed to pick him up from work three hours ago. The caller’s wife fell asleep and missed her alarm.

— Dispatch received a call from an Eagle Bend Drive address but only heard static. The building that the number was calling from reportedly burned down. A second call from the same location occurred the following day.

Sunday, March 1

— An individual on Fireman’s Island Road had reportedly lost consciousness multiple times. An ambulance was dispatched to the scene.

Monday, March 2

— A caller reported they were denied service at a Holt Drive establishment. The caller stated they wanted to return to the location the next day to speak with an employee but was afraid of being accused of harassment. The caller’s questions were answered.

Tuesday, March 3

— A child was reportedly refusing to go to school after being up all night doing homework. The student’s mother asked if law enforcement could make him go. The caller was advised to seek assistance through school counselors and staff.

— A caller on Bear Hollow Driver reported a break-in.

— An employee at a Montana 35 establishment reportedly found a “bag of drugs” in the men’s restroom and requested a deputy pick it up.

Wednesday, March 4

— A caller on Crestview Drive reported a stolen fuel cap and fuel from their vehicle and a neighbor’s vehicle. The caller stated the alleged theft was related to Mexican drug cartels.

— Six horses were reportedly running at-large on Echo Lake Road. A deputy was unable to locate the equines in question.

Thursday, March 5

— The window of a blue Chevy truck was reportedly broken out on Sunrise Terrace.

— A caller reported lots of “drug talk” in the hallways of a Vista Lane hotel. A male who had previously been trespassed from the location was believed to be on site.

— An individual on Peaceful Drive reported receiving harassing phone calls from a blocked number. She stated a female threatened her life on March 2. The caller was advised to report the incident to Ravalli County law enforcement.

— A caller on Alpine Drive reportedly left two skateboards at a local park which were later stolen. The reporting party told deputies he had surveillance footage of the suspect.

— A detective from Josephine County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon called to request contact information for an individual who reportedly owned property on Ferndale Drive.

— A porch fire was reported on Bigfork Stage. The caller’s husband reportedly was using a hose to put the fire out. One feral cat was still inside the structure. Smoke was reportedly coming from the house. Local fire units were paged.

Friday, March 6

— A caller requested a welfare check on his daughter since he had been unable to contact her mother in the past 24 hours. The couple was reportedly in the middle of a parenting plan issue. The caller couldn’t go to the residence since he allegedly assaulted the mother’s current boyfriend. Deputies made contact with the mother and the child was OK.

— A male law enforcement had been looking for was reportedly seen at a Vista Lane location. The male turned out to be the wrong individual.

— A caller said they needed to show some people a property on Bridge Street, but was having difficulties with their soon-to-be ex-spouse. The caller said they would be selling the property in question as part of their divorce and requested a civil standby for the showing.

— An individual found their neighbor who appeared to be deceased. An ambulance was paged to the scene.