Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Restrict legal immigration to protect American workers

| October 21, 2020 2:05 AM

Creating jobs for Americans ought to be every politician's top priority. But for Joe Biden, it isn't. Instead, Biden has pledged to expand job programs for foreign workers.

Consider H-1B visas, which allow foreigners "in specialty occupations" to temporarily work in the United States. President Trump paused this program when the coronavirus pandemic started decimating the economy. But Joe Biden has stated that, if elected, he will overturn the current ban -- and expand the program in years ahead.

These policies would bring over half a million new foreign workers into the United States each year. These new arrivals would add competition to an already harsh job market. That's why, to protect American workers, it is vital the Senate remain in Republican control.

The H-1B visa program has an especially worrying history. In 2014, Southern California Edison took advantage of the H-1B program and used it to fire 500 American employees, replacing them with cheaper foreign guest workers. That same year, Disney told 250 dedicated American employees to pack their bags -- but not to leave before training their cheaper, foreign replacements.

Chuck Schumer, the Senate's top Democrat, had the audacity to say "it's a myth that the H-1B visa program takes jobs away from Americans."

Incumbent Republican Steve Daines supports the H-1B ban -- and has even worked to extend it. He has pledged to "put Montanan and American workers and jobs first." Without question, Bullock would vote in lock-step with Chuck Schumer to support Biden's agenda.

-- Paul E. Vallely, Bigfork