Friday, August 12, 2022

CFBB looks to recruit younger board members, outlines plan for leadership transition

Bigfork Eagle | December 22, 2021 12:00 AM

The Community Foundation For a Better Bigfork met for their monthly meeting last week to discuss end-of-year business and look towards 2022. Discussions mostly revolved around terms and recruiting membership, with President Paul Mutascio stepping down next year.

Mutascio said he plans to remain on the board after stepping down from his role as president. The details of this change of leadership will be lined out early next year in upcoming meetings. He said they recently adjusted board member’s term limits to make sure they had five board members every three years go off the board or extend their terms. This is part of an attempt to get younger people and new people on the CFBB board.

The board also appointed Bigfork Innovation Group President Darcie Fast as a board member. This received some pushback from board member Claude Boiteau, who said he objected on the basis that Fast was already the president of another nonprofit. Mutascio said that many members of the CFBB serve on other boards. Boiteau was the only opposing vote, and the rest of the board members voted in favor of appointing Fast to the board.