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We’re being overrun

| August 18, 2023 11:50 AM

I was shocked today almost to the point of being physically ill when I read headlines in your Aug. 9 issue, “Bigfork subdivision proposal for 125 homes.”

The area in which this subdivision is being proposed is between Montana 35 and Bigfork Stage Road, and it is a beautiful section presenting a prairie-like environment that supports a variety of wildlife.

The company proposing the development is from Wyoming and call themselves, the Longbow Land Partners and they are quoted as saying that they want to “help address the housing crisis facing Montana.”

What a crock. Don’t we have enough development going on in the Flathead? Everywhere you look new houses are springing up and I am at the point where I believe members of these out-of-state development groups should be tarred and feathered and dragged out of Montana.

There was no housing crisis here until Covid, at which time local developers and members of the chamber of commerce began advertising the area as being one safe from disease and that it was wide open for development.

“Come one come all,” they implied.” Well, lo and behold they did come — and they are still coming!

Talking randomly to folks on the street I get the impression that they too believe we are being overrun. Isn’t it time to herald the message that Montana is full and then flush these intruding “entrepreneurs” back to wherever the hell they came from? Amen.

— Bert Gildart, Bigfork