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Law Roundup

| November 8, 2023 12:20 PM

Oct. 22

A Bigfork resident reported that their neighbor’s two dogs were running loose on their property.

In another canine incident, a Bigfork caller reported that their neighbor’s pit bull is very friendly, but has a nasty habit of terrorizing her chickens.

Person called in at 2:31 a.m. to report their neighbor had a loud diesel truck running with the lights pointed in their window. Caller said it happens often.

Oct. 23

Someone’s car keys were stolen from the lock on the vehicle.

A caller reported their car keys and wallet had been stolen and that someone had used a debit card from the stolen wallet to attempt to make a purchase in Kalispell.

Oct. 24

Caller reported that his angry neighbor had sworn at his wife after she removed trash from their private road that the neighbor had thrown there. Why the neighbor had decided to turn the road into their own personal dump was unknown.

Oct. 25

Caller reported that someone was using their name to send text messages.

Caller reported they had been swindled out of $500 through a gift card scam.

Oct. 28

Caller reported that two people had broken into their vehicle overnight. They apparently spent some time sitting in the vehicle and ended up leaving a set of keys to another vehicle inside before they left. Nothing was taken.

A caller reported that a vehicle was driving 50 mph in a 25 mph zone and was tailgating them.

Oct. 29

A caller reported that his neighbor had discharged a firearm five times over a period of several minutes. Caller was wondering if this was being done safely.

Nov. 4

Not content with going to AutoZone, a person was reportedly stealing gas and coolant from a truck.

Nov. 5

A caller said her neighbor has been harassing her and her husband about their dogs being off leash, so much so that they had been issued a citation by animal control.