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Please round up for safety

by Carol Field
| November 30, 2023 10:55 AM

Swan Mission Search & Rescue wishes to sincerely thank the Flathead Electric Cooperative’s Roundup for Safety, for fulfilling our request for an award to purchase a drone for our SAR unit headquartered in Swan Lake. 

We felt a drone would be a valuable tool to assist our ongoing mission by providing a faster response in lost and injured persons that recreate in the mountains and on the rivers and lakes within our service area.

A vast number of people spend time outdoors in the Swan Valley annually; and many acres of our recreational lands have limited access points. In addition to aiding our team in locating individuals in need of our services; the drone will greatly enhance our ability to determine the best access points for extrication.

We are very grateful to the Roundup for Safety program for awarding us the funding to purchase a DJl drone. We are especially thankful to all the members of the Flathead Electric Cooperative that participate in the Roundup for Safety program by rounding up their monthly electric bill. Individually the roundup is very small, but all together we make a big difference in providing funds for safety projects. 

We would encourage everyone receiving power from the Flathead Electric Cooperative to participate in the Roundup for Safety program -the safety projects they award funds to might affect a family member or friend.

— Carol Field


Swan Mission Search & Rescue