Monday, April 15, 2024

Flathead County Library trustees open search for a new logo to the public

Bigfork Eagle | April 2, 2024 12:00 AM

Have an idea for the new Flathead County Library logo? Library board trustees are taking submissions and suggestions on designs leading up to their next board in April.

Board Vice Chair Carmen Cuthbertson and Trustee Heidi Roedel presented a logo for consideration at the body’s March meeting. Last month, the board voted to readopt the name Flathead County Library after operating as ImagineIF Libraries for about a decade. After hearing from staff and the public on Thursday, trustees decided to open the logo design to the community. 

Roedel said trustees will be looking for the same orange, white and red colors present in the ImagineIF logo, as they want to stay in line with other aspects of the brand. It’s not a rebranding effort, according to Cuthbertson, who said trustees are just looking to change the name and associated logo. 

A document presented to the board in March outlined the estimated cost of the overhaul and gives a timeline for the priority of each item. It included the cost of materials, though most of the expenses will be generated by the work performed by library staff.

The undertaking should run about $7,000, according to the document. But that figure excludes some costs, including the effort to design a new logo.

For the design process, trustees are looking at low or no cost avenues. Trustee Doug Adams said a company has already approached the board offering designs services pro bono. It’s an option he said he’d go for as long as it was “no strings attached.” 

Flathead County Communications and Outreach Librarian Lune Axelsen said even though pro-bono work would be great, she asked the board if they would consider investing in a logo as the process moves along, offering to contribute dollars in the communications budget if necessary. 

“Having a new logo is worth investing in, even if we have to pay for some, because we're going to have to have this brand for years — it's what people will associate with the library,” Axelsen said. “This logo will be seen on social media, on the signs, we'll see it everywhere, so it's something that I really feel we want to make sure we get right.” 

Public comment to trustees largely asked for more public and staff involvement in the decision. Library Director Teri Dugan said while the presented logo is a good start, it would be nice to see other options and compare which one proved most popular.  

“I appreciate the PR committee coming up with something like this because we do need something to replace what we're losing and that will really help us going forward. It would be nice to maybe have some comparisons to see which ones we like,” Dugan said. 

Though the board has set out a two-year timeline to make the switch, settling on a logo design is critical leading up to the opening of the new Bigfork branch building in the summertime. 

Those interested in learning more about the estimated cost of the name change can find the planning document included in the Board of Trustees’ March 28 meeting packet, which is available at

Dugan said those interested may submit ideas and comments to her via email at She plans to pass them along to the Public Relations committee and board. Designs and comments will be accepted until April 18. 

The next library board meeting is scheduled for April 25 in the South Campus Conference Room, 40 11th St. W. in Kalispell, starting at 9 a.m. 

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