Thursday, February 22, 2024

Law Roundup

| February 1, 2024 10:05 AM

Here are the calls for service made to the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office from the Bigfork area over the past few weeks.

Jan. 12

Someone stole fuel from a construction site in Bigfork overnight.

Jan. 13

Caller from Lakeside reported four horses left out in the elements, all so skinny their hip bones are visible. Caller says the horses have shelter, but it is facing into the wind.

Jan. 14

Ongoing harassment issue in Somers with someone leaving used condoms on the caller’s front porch.

Jan. 18

Traffic light at intersection of 35 and 83 not working properly. 

Jan. 19

Caller from Bigfork advised they had applied for a job, but it turned out to be a scam. Person now has their social security number and copies of their drivers license and is threatening them in an online chat room.

Person in Somers says their girlfriend is breaking into their truck when they are not home.

Female called a woman in Bigfork and threatened to come to her house and kill her over her backing out of buying a puppy from her online.

Jan. 20

Law enforcement helping three vehicles that slid into the ditch in Bigfork.

Bigfork caller reports seeing footprints and blood in the snow on her property.

Jan. 22

Complaint from Somers about someone parking buses on their road.

Jan. 24

Bigfork resident reported someone had cashed a fraudulent $9,900 check on their business account.

Jan. 27

Bigfork woman advised her boyfriend had taken an entire bottle of medication and was refusing to go to the emergency room. She was eventually able to get him to throw up and took him to the hospital.