Monday, April 15, 2024

Law Roundup

| March 6, 2024 10:20 AM

Here are the calls for service made to the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office from the Bigfork area over the past few weeks.

Feb. 17

A Bigfork man called to complain that his neighbor’s lights were on and that made him feel “threatened.” Requested extra patrols, three times.

Feb. 18

Squiggles the nanny goat went missing in Bigfork. Squiggles is a 2-foot-tall black and white female, about 30 pounds, with coloring that forms a curvy shape on her forehead.

A trailer at a job site in Somers was broken into overnight as someone cut the lock on the door. Nothing was reported missing.

A man in Bigfork reported hearing noises in his attic, but didn’t think anyone was “laying eggs in there.” He was still nervous and requested that someone come by to check it out.

Feb. 20

A Bigfork woman called to report that her ex-boyfriend had been driving around drunk and had slid off the road and become stuck near the river.

A Lakeside woman called to report her husband had just driven away from their house drunk.

A truck caught on fire in the front yard of a residence in Lakeside.

Feb. 22

A neighbor to the property where the truck burned in Lakeside called to report the owner was towing the truck away and was concerned the incident might still be under investigation.

A person came to the sheriff’s office to report threats they had received in Lakside the previous day.

Feb. 23

A deputy persued a pair of dirt bikes driving on the highway in Lakeside, but was unable to stop either of them.

Feb. 24

A person in Lakeside reported hearing gunshots for more than 40 minutes. Person said shot we coming from a “private and residential” area and could not possibly be “target practice.”

Feb. 25

A person in Lakeside reported hearing gunshots near the cabin where they were staying and then reported the cabin and surrounding trees were on fire. Later thought the gun shots could have been small propane tanks exploding in the fire.

A Bigfork man believed someoe was trying to steal gas from their property.

Feb. 26

A person with rescue dogs in Bigfork called to say one had gotten loose and “nipped” someone, breaking the skin.

A personal in Bigfork reported someone had illegally accessed their online bank account, made a purchase and moved money around.

Feb. 26

A Lakeside woman was bitten by a dog, breaking the skin. She refused medical attention.

Report of a fight in Bigfork, one man pulling the shirt of another over his head and punching him until blood came from his ears. Man refused medical attention.